About CCN

Central Cancer Network

The Central Cancer Network was formed in 2007 and links together the organisations that provide care for people with cancer across the Central Cancer Network area. The network works closely with consumers, health professionals and managers to help implement the New Zealand Cancer Plan: Better, faster cancer care 2015–2018 for the people of the Central Cancer Network region.

Building on what has already been achieved, the NZ Cancer Plan sets out the cancer-related programmes, activities and services that are being implemented across the country over the next three years. It also signals potential future initiatives.

The principles guiding the NZ Cancer Plan are to:

  • equitably, effectively and sustainable meet the future demand for cancer services
  • maintain high quality of care and improve the quality of life for people with cancer
  • ensure fiscal responsibility.

Central Cancer Network will take a systematic approach to meeting the following goals:

Goal 1

Reduce the incidence of cancer through primary prevention.

Goal 2
Ensure effective screening and early detection to reduce cancer incidence and mortality.
Goal 3
Ensure effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer to reduce cancer morbidity and mortality.
Goal 4
Improve the quality of life for those with cancer, their family and whanau through support, rehabilitation and palliative care.
Goal 5
Improve the delivery of services across the continuum of cancer control, through effective planning, co-ordination and integration of resources and activity, monitoring and evaluation
Goal 6
Improve the effectiveness of cancer control in New Zealand through research and surveillance