Regional Service Plan


Lead CE: Kevin Snee
CRSPF Sponsors: Rachel Haggerty
Clinical lead: TBC

The Central Region has identified cancer as one of the four regional service priorities for 2019/20. Cancer networks work across boundaries and the whole continuum of care to improve outcomes for patients and their families by reducing the:

  • Incidence of Cancer
  • Impact of Cancer
  • Inequities in Cancer

The Central Cancer Network (CCN) is committed to significantly reducing the many Cancer Health Inequities that exist in the region especially within our Māori and Pacific populations.

CCN will achieve this by introducing Health Equity commissioning, delivering Health Equity Leadership and Actions across the whole cancer continuum of care and enabler areas, standardising models of care and strengthening collaboration between Regional Cancer Stakeholders under a single system of care. This program of work will be driven by an improved analytics framework. Note that CCN also covers Taranaki DHB for the purpose of cancer services.
Key achievements for 2018/19
  • CCN worked with EY and DHBs to develop and agree a single system of care operating model for
    the Region which will be implemented in 2019/20
  • CCN improved outcomes in Faster Cancer Treatment (FCT), Multidisciplinary meetings (MDMs),
    variation in Radiation Oncology, CT/MRI protocols and diagnostic and staging pathways
  • CCN strengthened referral pathways across Primary and Secondary Care including implementing
    the prostate cancer decision support tool
Focus for 2019/20
  • CCN will implement the outcomes of the single system of cancer care review including
    implementation of a regional commissioning plan, analytics framework to address variation and
    a tumour stream approach.
  • A Regional Cancer Deep Dive will be completed with the overall aim of developing a Regional
    Cancer Action Plan (2020-2025) across the whole cancer continuum of care and enabler areas.
  • Health Equity Leadership and Actions will be delivered across the whole cancer continuum of
    care and enabler areas.

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