The Governance Group which includes representation from across the region and across the continuum, including DHB, NGO, Consumer, Maori and Pacific, oversees the Network.

The purpose of the Governance Group is to consider and prioritise advice and recommendations from other network groups, and to oversee development and implementation of the annual work-plans and regional strategic plan for CCN in order to achieve the Network vision.

The Governance Group members are responsible for supporting and advising the Network and District Health Boards and communicating with their participating organisations about issues, activities and priorities.

Local Cancer Networks

These groups have representation from relevant stakeholders including DHB Planning and Funding, Health Professionals, NGOs, Consumer, Māori and Pacific People across the district to support the development and implementation of district based cancer plans.

CCN links closely with these groups, providing information and resources to assist with the prioritisation and execution of their plans.

Central Cancer Network Geographical Overview

The Central Cancer Network area includes Capital and Coast, Hutt Valley, Wairarapa, MidCentral, Whanganui, Hawkes Bay and Taranaki district health board (DHB) regions with an open invitation to Nelson/Marlborough (whose primary regional network is the Southern Cancer Network).

The map shows the Central Cancer Network area in yellow.

Central Cancer Network area in yellow.

The Central Cancer Network is built on existing structures and relationships and maintains national links.

To achieve its aims, the network engages with service providers in the region, Māori and Pacific people and consumers to ensure people with cancer have access to the best possible quality of care to maximise the chance of the best possible outcome.

Each of the 4 cancer networks in NZ correspond to different regions, as illustrated.