Hei Ahuru Mowai

Equity - the priority for every agenda

Māori experience the burden of significant inequalities between indigenous and non-indigenous groups across the entire cancer control continuum, resulting in poorer survival and increased mortality.

Hei Āhuru Mōwai – National Māori Cancer Leadership Group was established in 2012 with the aim of ensuring Māori experience high quality equitable cancer services.

It is the only national organisation with the purpose of ensuring Māori have the opportunity to engage in Māori cancer control from policy development to implementation across the cancer continuum.

Hei Ahuru Mowai

Inequities are differences which are unfair, avoidable, and fixable.

How do inequities happen?

1. Determinants of health

2. Health care access

3. Health care quality.

Assume inequities occur at every step of cancer pathway . . . unless proven otherwise. Diagnosed late, referred late, seen late, offered treatment late, receive treatment late, receive lower quality treatment. Small inequities add up to big important inequities.